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Before Gigi Sage stepped into her first seminar 36 years ago, she had never heard anyone talking about following your dreams – or what ‘lights you up.’ When she built an international coaching & training company while traveling the globe and raising 5 kids (including her daughter Makena – co-founder & CEO of Follow Your Aliveness®), most people thought she was crazy.

Today, the “crazy ones” are millions strong…

The world is waking up to the fact that you CAN create a life and career that truly brings you alive. That success doesn’t have to mean sacrificing freedom & fulfillment. That deeply connected and harmonious relationships with your partner, family & colleagues can be the norm – not the exception.

We are on the leading edge of the aliveness movement… and YOU have a pivotal role to play.

As you ignite your life with aliveness, you’ll light a fire in the people around you. When you transform, you will transform others. Whether you’re a coach, leader, entrepreneur or parent – you have the power to be a World Changer. And the world needs you now more than ever.

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