10 Qualities of Life Changing Coaches

What makes someone a truly life changing coach? 

If you’re a coach (or you want to become one) and you want to create life changing results for your clients, there are certain qualities you can develop over time that will give you the ability to change lives. 

Becoming a life changing coach means developing yourself as a person, as well as developing the skills of coaching mastery. 

There are many great coaches in the world, all with their own unique gifts, style, and flair. But after 35 years of coaching, I’ve seen that certain qualities are consistent among the coaches who are creating a deep and lasting impact, and changing their clients’ lives in a profound way. 

Remember that this is a list of qualities, not just skills. These are things you must practice and develop over time. Eventually, they will become a part of who you are and the way you serve the people who work with you. They are the building blocks to fully developing yourself as a coach or leader, and creating a career that will leave an impact and create a ripple effect through the lives you touch. 

Here are the top 10 qualities of life-changing coaches… 

1. A Deep Commitment to Their Own Continued Growth & Evolution
A life changing coach isn’t just committed to changing the lives of others, they are also dedicated to doing the deep inner work to understand themselves, their shadows, their weaknesses, and their strengths. And ultimately fulfill their mission on the planet by sharing their best version of themselves with the world.

2. The Ability to Coach Anyone WITHOUT Judgement or Criticism
A master coach leaves their attitude, judgments, and opinions at the door. Any time they walk into a situation where they are coaching, training, or playing a leadership role, they show up ready to be in service. 

3. An Awareness of Their Impact
Master coaches are impeccable with their energy, their words, and their tone. They have a keen awareness of their effect on the people around them, and they are mindful about their impact and the way they show up. 

4. Powerful Observation Skills
A life changing coach is able to observe and watch for the lights in people’s eyes, instead of getting caught up in their stories. They listen first with their eyes – and what they hear with their ears comes second. This is because they know that the eyes always show the truth of what brings someone alive, and what is closest to their heart & soul. 

5. Immense Curiosity
Curiosity is one of the key qualities of any amazing coach. They have a deep interest in people and their lives. They approach everyone with authentic curiosity that allows them to get to the heart of people quickly, and understand their desires, their challenges, and where they want to go. 

6. Receptivity
When a coach is receptive they listen deeply with an open mind, gather information from an impartial place, and respond rather than reacting. As a result, they see possibilities that others would miss – and can coach their clients to create profound shifts that no one else can. 

7. Has Their Full Attention on the Client – NOT on Themselves
Every life-changing coach knows how to set their life aside the second they sit down in front of a client. They get their attention completely off of themselves and their own life and put it 100% on the person (or people) in front of them. 

8. Committed to Their Clients – Yet Unattached to the Outcome
Great coaches know that they cannot create results for their clients. They can be fully committed to supporting their clients and creating a space for them to grow and achieve their dreams, but they know that ultimately, the client chooses their own journey. 

9. Doesn’t Solve People’s Problems. Creates a Space for the Client to Come to Their Own Solutions.
When a master coach works with a client, they use the approach of getting curious, interested and engaged, but they do not “solve” their client’s problems. They know the best way to help people create lasting change is to ask the right questions, so the person can dig deep and discover the solutions that already live inside of them. 

10. The Willingness & Ability to Give Laser Precision Feedback with Love
This skill requires the coach to learn mastery in their communication skills so they are able to give powerful, reflective feedback in a way that will be well received. This kind of feedback helps move their clients to the next level when they are feeling stuck, and allows the coach to be deeply honest about what they see. 

Are you ready to take your gifts and use them to change lives by becoming a life coach? Or perhaps you’re a coach already, and you want to deepen your skills and achieve coaching mastery. 

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