3 Mindset Shifts to Move Through Self-Doubt

If you’ve ever had a big dream you wanted to pursue, you’ll know that along with the excitement, enthusiasm, and drive often comes a healthy dose of self-doubt. 

Whether your dream is to start your own business, step into a career as a coach, begin doing work that changes lives, or something else altogether – you’ve likely experienced the little voice in the back of your head telling you all of the reasons why it won’t work out, or why you aren’t good enough. 

This internal monologue might sound like… 

  • “Who am I to do this?”
  • “Who am I to tell people I can help them when I don’t have it all together?” 
  • “What if I fail?” 
  • “What if people judge me” 

These swirling thoughts can easily throw you off track and prevent you from going for what you want. And you’re not alone… 

We see a version of this pattern with pretty much every single one of our clients! 

That’s why breaking through your pattern of self-doubt is one of the most important things you can do if you want to reach a new level, start something new, or bring a dream into reality. 

If self-doubt is holding you back, the solution is a mindset shift

Try out these three tips to help you overcome your blocks, change the way you think, and get moving toward your dreams! 

Mindset Shift #1: It’s NOT about you. It’s about the people you’re meant to serve.

Self doubt is usually a symptom of having your attention on yourself.

I know, I know, it sounds backwards. But hear me out… 

I first learned this lesson when I was starting to transition out of my marketing business and into coaching. At first, I struggled with a fear of visibility and what people would think of me. 

That’s when Gigi told me: “When you get stuck in self-doubt your attention is on yourself. Remember… It’s not about you. It’s about the people you’re meant to serve.”

Each time I started to feel self-doubt or fear of judgment sneaking in, I reminded myself that being visible had nothing to do with me. I actually needed to get out of my own way so I could share the message I was meant to share with the world! 

Every time your fears and doubts come up, chances are you’re (unconsciously) making it about you. Next time they show themselves, shift your attention to the people you want to serve and your commitment to a mission and vision that’s bigger than just you – and notice how much smaller those fears feel.  

Mindset Shift #2: Fear & resistance are a GOOD thing – they mean you’re growing. 

I know it feels uncomfortable when you’re up against a growth edge and all of those pesky thoughts start creeping in, but the good news is if you’re at this point – you’re growing and evolving! 

Think of your self-doubt as a little test from life to see how serious you are about going for your dreams. 

There’s a tendency when these old thoughts or beliefs creep in to spend time processing them and trying to understand their root cause. This can be helpful sometimes, but if you want to move through the self-doubt that’s holding you back quickly, you do it by getting into ACTION. 

If you spend too much time thinking about why you have the thoughts and beliefs you do, you’re just putting your attention on the problem. Instead, focus on taking small but consistent steps forward – even when it feels uncomfortable. 

Before you know it, you’ll look back and be amazed at the confidence you gained and the results you created along the way! 

Mindset Shift #3: Your level of COMMITMENT is the biggest predictor of your success! 

The people who succeed at going for their dreams are those who are at a 10 out of 10 in their commitment to making it happen, no matter what. 

Hesitation will take you out of the game. Even if it’s just 10%. 

It’s normal for fears and doubts to come up along the way, but underneath those feelings, you need to have an unshakeable knowing that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality. 

Going for what you want will make you uncomfortable sometimes. It won’t always be easy. If there’s any part of you that is doubting whether you really want this or whether you’re ready, that little bit will be enough to throw you off track. 

Being fully committed means that you will keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles (internal or external) show up to try and stop you.

And it’s that level of commitment that makes self-doubt start to fade to the background… and ultimately, makes dreams come true.

On the other hand, if you DO feel hesitation and you’re not sure if you’re ready – be honest with yourself! Maybe the timing isn’t right or something isn’t fully aligned. 

But when you are ready to go for it? Go ALL IN. Have the clarity and intent that not reaching your dreams simply isn’t an option! 

And don’t be afraid to ask for help, and get the support you need!

Apply for a free 1:1 clarity call with one of our trained coaches here. We offer a limited number of these calls each month to coaches and world-changers-in-the-making who are fully committed to making their dreams come true, and need support to get crystal clear on their vision and the plan or path to get there. 

(Note: there is nothing for sale on this call! Our programs are by application only, and we can discuss what applying would look like if it feels like a mutual fit after this coaching call.)

In closing – just remember: self-doubt is NORMAL.

We all go through it. And with the right mindset shifts and support, you can absolutely move through it to create the life you’ve imagined. 

Which of these 3 mindset shifts will you put into practice first? 

We look forward to seeing what you create!


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