How to Live a Wealthy Life No Matter Your Income

The word wealth sometimes has a stigma around it. We think that in order to live a life that feels wealthy and prosperous, we need to attain a specific level of financial success.

The truth is, making/saving/investing money is one aspect of living a wealthy life – but the amount of money you have will never be the true determiner of whether or not you’re living a wealthy, prosperous life.

True wealth is an inside job – it begins with how you feel about your life.

No matter how your finances ebb and flow, you can experience a feeling of wealth whenever you want to. And the more you FEEL wealthy, the more wealth you attract!

It begins with learning to savor the richness of life and feel gratitude for the abundance that is already present for you. The more you can experience your current reality through the lens of gratitude and enjoyment, the more you’ll become an energetic match for the people, things, & experiences you desire.

There came a point in my career where I realized that even as I made more money, I wasn’t actually feeling any wealthier.

Each year as my business & income grew – even though my quality of life was improving – I still experienced many of the same feelings of scarcity & lack.

That’s when it hit me… this could go on forever. I could make millions and still feel like it was “never enough.”

Was that how I wanted to experience life? Heck no.

So I decided it was time to change my relationship with money.

Instead of focusing on how much money was flowing out when I paid my bills, I started feeling gratitude for the amazing life I got to live as a result of spending that money. I thought about all the people I was paying – the small business owners, employees, and our team members – who benefitted from that money flowing into their lives.

Instead of worrying about where the next client was going to come from, I began celebrating every dollar that came into my bank account. Every person who said “yes” to working with us. Every gift and unexpected IRS refund. I slowed down to celebrate every cent and really FEEL the abundance flowing into my life.

But I quickly realized I needed a consistent practice that would help me feel and celebrate my wealth on a regular basis.

So I created some fun money rituals!

One of my favorite rituals is my “money dance.”

Whenever a new client enrolls, or I see a payment come in, I stop what I’m doing, find my husband Sunny and he says, “show me the money dance!”

Then I shimmy and shake my hips and get REAL low (the more money I receive, the lower I get!) for 15 seconds or so. We laugh and celebrate together, and then I go on about my day – having anchored in that feeling of gratitude and fun.

If you want to start living a wealthy life no matter your income, I highly recommend creating a money ritual that reminds you to celebrate and love on your money – the source of so many of the things you get to do, feel, and experience.

This can be a simple money dance, a prayer, or any ritual that feels resonant for you.

Once you start to shift your energy around money, you can start looking at all the other areas of your life as well. After all, a rich life is so much more than just what you have in the bank.

  • What would it feel like to experience more abundance in your relationships? Maybe it’s as simple as being more present with your loved ones or scheduling a weekly date night where you get a chance to get dressed up.
  • How can you feel prosperous in the way you take care of yourself? This might mean scheduling simple rituals, like getting up and doing your makeup even when you’re working from home. Or maybe it’s treating yourself to a mani-pedi once a month!
  • Is there a way you can upgrade your environment to feel more luxurious? You might add some vibrant house plants, start a morning routine to get your home picked up and looking beautiful, or buy yourself some beautiful new wall art.

Living a wealthy life absolutely includes creating an income that makes you feel supported, and allows you to invest in the things that make you feel good, but it’s so much more than that!

No matter where you are on your journey of growing your career and your financial success, you can always access the feeling and vibration of wealth.

The more you focus on feeling gratitude and enjoyment for the beauty of all aspects of your life, the more your wealth will grow and expand in all areas.


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