5 Ways to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Over the last few months, we’ve been observing the changes in the world, the economy, and the coaching industry – and we’ve made an effort to stay curious about what’s needed at this time.

One of the themes we’ve observed is that people are looking for guidance right now.

Despite our initial fears that the dipping economy might mean no one would need coaching anymore, it turns out the opposite is true.

In fact, coaching is more important now than ever before.

It may seem counterintuitive, but people are looking to invest in themselves to grow their businesses, develop their skills, and create even more fulfilling & meaningful lives.

If you’re a coach, consultant, therapist, or transformational service provider (or want to become one) you are in the perfect industry right now.

But for those of you struggling in your businesses right now – or looking for ways to continue to grow & expand – we wanted to share a few tips we’ve learned in our four decades of combined coaching experience, to help you stand out and truly thrive in these uncertain times.

1. Tap Into Your Unique Genius

As a coach, consultant, or thought leader – the most powerful topic you can teach about is the one that’s closest to your heart. If you create your projects, programs, and marketing from your head (the thing you think you’re good at – or the next step that makes the most logical sense), it won’t be easy to stand out.

Your unique genius comes from what you’re most curious about – that makes you feel the most ALIVE when you talk about it.

If you want to share work that impacts people deeply and is authentic and meaningful, it has to come from your uniqueness. When you coach, teach or market yourself from this place (instead of sharing what you think people want to know or learn), you’ll naturally stand out in your field.

2. Harness The Power of Belief

Whatever you choose to believe about the world, your business, and your potential – you’ll find evidence all around you to back it up! When things were looking tough for our business at the beginning of the pandemic, we decided to shift our focus and CHOOSE to believe that people are absolutely investing in coaching during these times.

As soon as our belief & perspective shifted, life started providing evidence it was true.

Your belief is incredibly powerful. It’s important to check in regularly and question what beliefs and stories are informing the way you’re seeing, and therefore engaging with life. What could you believe today that would really serve & support you?

3. Self-Express To Become Magnetic

When you’re self-expressed, you become more magnetic – but self-expression looks different for everyone. When you find the forms of self-expression that are a fit for you, the right clients will be naturally attracted to you.

For some people, this might be sharing your thoughts through writing. For others, it may be photoshoots. And for someone else, it could be sharing content through video.

If you aren’t expressing yourself, “your people” can’t find you. Play around with some different ways to have fun with self-expression and the people who need your work and your message will gravitate toward you.

4. Be A Mirror To Help Your Clients Transform

While strategy and action steps are an essential part of any coaching process, the thing most people are really looking for is transformation. People want to be deeply seen and listened to, THEN given the next steps.

If you want to stand out, put your attention on observing and listening deeply to your clients without interpretation. Then, give your clients feedback on what you see in them. What lights them up? What makes them come alive? Use this information to inform the action steps you give them.

With this kind of individualized coaching, your clients will invest with you over and over again because every time they work with you they will grow their craft or business, be more aligned, and feel more alive.

(If you’re ready to deepen your coaching & leadership skills and stand out in your field, you’ll love our Aliveness Mastery™ certification. Learn more and apply here.)

5. Learn The Art of Authentic Sales

The #1 skill you need in order to attract new clients in a time of uncertainty and change is the ability to sell your services. A lot of coaches & consultants want to serve and grow their practice to work with more people, but they don’t want to sell and market themselves.

We get it, sales can feel uncomfortable. Too many of us have experienced the “pushy salesman” stereotype. But if you don’t learn an authentic system for outreach and sales, how will your clients ever find you?

There are people out there struggling with the exact thing you can help them with. So why wouldn’t you reach out and connect with those people, and help them make the decision to work with you?

There really is a positive & authentic way of doing this. This is one of many topics we teach in the Business Bootcamp that’s included in our 9-month Mastery program. If you’re ready to up-level your leadership, income & impact, this is for you.


Although we’re in the midst of unprecedented times in the world as well as in the coaching industry, there is so much potential to make a difference right now. People need your guidance, your wisdom, and your unique gifts.

Choose one or two of the strategies above and commit to some simple shifts that will help you thrive and stand out as a leader in your field.

We look forward to hearing how it goes!


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