5 Ways To Uncover Your Superpowers As a Coach

The coaching industry is fast-growing and thriving.

In 2021, the industry is valued at over $10 billion!

These days, it seems like there’s a coach for every challenge or desire you could possibly have.

This means the industry is full of opportunity, as more and more people seek out the support of coaches. It also means it’s essential for coaches – new and experienced alike – to think about how they will stand out from the crowd.

The best way to create a business that stands out is to design your services around your superpowers.

But how do you know what these are?

In our coaching certification program, Aliveness Mastery®, we walk our students through many proven processes to help them discover their unique talents, gain confidence in their ability to change lives, and create a profitable coaching business sharing their gifts & wisdom with others.

Here are 5 ways you can get started today…

#1 – Chart Your Aliveness

This is one of the foundational exercises we teach our clients that helps them discover what lights them up. It’s a multi-step process with many layers, but today we’re going to teach you the very first step you can try out right away.

All you need is a piece of paper or notebook you can carry around for the next 30 days.

On one side of the paper, write down every time you do something that makes you feel energized, alive, peaceful, or more like your true self. Write down what you were doing and what about it really brought you alive.

On the other side of the paper, write down every time you feel drained, bored, or tired –– what you were doing and what about that activity/person/experience drained your energy.

After 30 days, you can begin to see themes and make powerful distinctions. The items that bring you alive may not end up being the exact things you coach clients around, but they can be clues that lead you closer to your superpowers.

The way this works out may surprise you! For example, we had one client who loved comedy and ended up using her funny videos to grow her social media following – and as a result, her business.

#2 – Get Clear on Your Contribution

Sometimes it’s difficult to see our greatest gifts because they just come so naturally to us! Chances are, you don’t even see the ways you impact and benefit the lives of the people around you.

That’s why it’s so important to ask!

If you already have a coaching practice, reach out to your past clients and ask them for feedback or testimonials. Ask them what has been most impactful about your work together.

If you don’t have any clients yet, ask the other people in your life. Reach out to friends, co-workers, and family and ask them what qualities you have that have contributed to their lives.

You might be surprised how the things that come so naturally to you are such a gift to the people around you. The feedback you receive can help point you in the direction of your unique superpowers as a coach.

#3 – Look for Clues in Your (Past) Challenges

Have you ever heard the saying “your mess is your message?”

For many coaches, the experiences you’ve gone through and the challenges you’ve overcome play a role in how you are meant to serve others.

Think about the biggest challenges you’ve been through in your life.

Do any of them relate to a topic you’re passionate about helping others with?

For Makena, she went from experiencing burnout in a career that didn’t bring her alive to helping other entrepreneurs build businesses around what lights them up. Another one of our clients went through a challenging divorce and ended up becoming an amazing coach who supports people in navigating the divorce process.

Chances are, you’ve learned a lot through your challenges in life! How can you use that wisdom to impact the lives of others?

#4 – Just Start Coaching!

One of the best ways to discover your superpowers is to get out there and start practicing! You’ll never know what you’re great at until you give it a try. If you’re not ready to take on paid clients yet, find a couple of people who would like to be coached for free. Come up with a clear coaching package and agreement – just like you would with a paying client – and begin practicing your skills.

If you are ready to start charging but you’re just starting out – you can run a beta program. Offer your coaching package for a lower rate for the first 3-5 clients who sign up, and use the opportunity to gain experience – and get some great testimonials!

In our coaching certification program, we use LIVE practice in place of memorization or tests to help our students develop their coaching skills. Each person runs an interactive workshop and a practice coaching package during the course of the program. The confidence they gain from this hands-on experience is like nothing else! When you see yourself in action, your gifts will often become naturally clear.

#5 – Join Our 21-Day Challenge

We’re running a 21-Day challenge called “Package Your Wisdom – Create Your Client-Ready Coaching Business in 21 Days.”

This fun and high-intensity program is designed to help you:

  • Identify your unique gifts & superpowers as a coach
  • Get crystal clear on your target market & offerings
  • Move through self-doubt so you can start getting paid clients  

If you’re ready to start changing lives with your gifts & wisdom, you will love this challenge.

You’ll get LIVE coaching, feedback and support along the way – and walk away crystal clear on your superpowers, ideal client and coaching packages.

We start soon!

Click here to learn more and sign up now >> https://go.followyouraliveness.com/wisdom/

A Note About Self-Doubt…

If you are a coach (or feel called to become one), you have something unique to share with the world. Don’t let yourself become discouraged thinking everyone else is already doing it.

There is a special magic only you have – you just have to discover what that is!

Try out these steps to gain more clarity about what sets you apart – so you can carve out your place in the booming coaching industry.


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