our mission:

To inspire & empower 10 million World Changers to elevate the consciousness of the planet.

(P.S. Everyone is a world changer.)

What kind of World Changer are you?


Follow Your Aliveness is a global training & coaching organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering 10 million World Changers to elevate the consciousness of the planet. (P.S. Everyone is a World Changer.)

We are activating coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and parents around the globe – empowering them to create lives & careers that truly bring them alive, and help others do the same.

Because when you transform, you will transform others. And the ripple effect will change the world.

This is more than a mission. It’s a movement.

… and it begins with YOU.

Whether you want to raise a healthy, happy and connected family, build a thriving business, create a positive impact in your local community, or transform the lives of millions of people, you’re in the right place.

The world needs you now more than ever.

Are you ready to unlock your superpowers?

P.S. If you don’t feel ready, that’s okay too. Most of us never do!

But if your soul keeps whispering that you’re meant for more… it’s because you are. Trust that knowing, follow your curiosity, and see where it leads you.
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our story

Follow Your Aliveness was founded by Gigi & Makena Sage – a mother/daughter team with over four decades of combined coaching experience.

Gigi attended her first personal development seminar in 1986, and never looked back. She spent the next 36 years developing and sharing The Aliveness Method® and Communication Mastery™ with tens of thousands of people around the world – all while raising her five children. She experienced incredible highs and devastating lows, and came out the other side with a deep wisdom, compassion and understanding of people that she infuses into everything she does.

Makena was born into personal development, and started participating in Gigi’s seminars at the age of seven. Though she always knew deep down this was the work she was meant to do, she had all the fears and self-doubts of any teenager – which led her to make a number of choices from her head, instead of her aliveness. After four years in business school and six years running a 6-figure online marketing business, Makena “woke up” to the fact that she was financially successful, but totally miserable. That’s when Gigi stepped in, and empowered Makena to get the clarity, courage and support she needed to make the leap into the work she was born to do.

Through their connection and belief in each other, Gigi and Makena have overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, and created lives of freedom, fulfillment, financial success and impact.
They came together with a shared vision: to empower World Changers like YOU to follow your aliveness, actualize your potential, and change the world (in the unique way only you can).
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