Coaching Skill: Watch for the Lights

Fall is officially here, and we are loving the cooler weather here in Texas.

We’re still having some 90-degree days, but evenings are chilly and Makena is busy decorating her house with as many pumpkins as her husband Sunny will let her buy! 🙂

Our Aliveness Mastery™ certification is in its 3rd week, and it is such a delight to be working with the amazing women in the program.

Every Monday, they share their MIRACLES from the past week (anything amazing that happened to them they consider to be a miracle) in our WhatsApp thread – and it’s been truly heart-warming to hear about their wins and breakthroughs already:

  • Two women signed on new clients out of the blue
  • One made a new friend (someone she previously didn’t connect with) – using the communication skills she is learning in the program
  • And they are ALL learning to watch for and “follow the aliveness” in the people around them!

We thought it would be fun to share this coaching skill with you today – so YOU TOO can start learning to follow the aliveness of the people around you.

Common results include:

  • Deeper conversations with your loved ones
  • Feeling more connected to everyone you talk to
  • Building trust in your personal & professional relationships
  • Feeling MORE energized from your interactions (rather than depleted)
  • Getting to know the people around you in a deeper way

Here’s how it works…

STEP 1: When you’re in a conversation with someone – pay attention to their eyes. As you’re talking, simply notice: Where do they “light up?” 

This is where you actually see more light come into the eyes. They look brighter, more animated, and you might even feel a shift in their energy.

STEP 2 (OPTIONAL): If it’s appropriate, you might reflect back: “Wow, you really light up when you talk about that!” This simple reflection can be powerful for the person you are speaking with.

STEP 3: Follow the aliveness… Ask curious, open-ended questions around whatever topic lit them up. For example, if they lit up around sailing you might ask, “Where in the world would you most love to go sailing?”

The more you follow the thread of their aliveness, the more lit up and engaged people will become.

Of course, there’s a lot more to this practice that we teach in the program. But even this simplified version will be powerful if you go out and apply it.

Practice this with 3 people this week, and write back to us to let us know how it went.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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