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United States


Sara Cousineau

Maui, Hawaii

I help women connect to their sexuality and feminine power so that they can experience more energy, vitality and pleasure in their day-to-day lives.

Sexuality & Sensuality, Relationships, Pregnancy

English, conversational French + Spanish

Short Bio:

Sara is an Aliveness Activator based out of Maui, Hawaii. She initially started working in the corporate finance and accounting profession. Although she quickly built an incredibly successful international career, she always felt a yearning for something more. She knew that she wanted to serve and support people in connecting to their passions and creating the lives of their dreams. As she shifted her professional focus, she completed training and experience in many areas which expanded her holistic approach. Throughout her journey Sara has studied and practiced as a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, massage therapist, meditation and mindfulness teacher, sexuality and relationship coach and birth/postpartum doula. She is dedicated to living in the fullest expression of her authentic truth, vibrantly connected to her passion, purpose and pleasure and is here to support you in doing the same!

Other Countries


Nicky Clarke


I help people connect or reconnect to who they truly are navigating through limiting beliefs.

Mindfulness, Spiritual Life Coaching


Short Bio:

After the gift of staying home, empty nester, many years of commuting with my children to school which was 2 hours away, Mindfulness876 was created.  For many women the thought of not being as needed and not moving at 100 mph, is very scary and can send us to that “scary place”.  After discovering the practice of Mindfulness, it has been a life changer for me. So my journey began…here I am today to share it with YOU all. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I help people connect or reconnect to who they truly are navigating through limiting beliefs. I empower people pleasers to speak their truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Together we learn more about YOU, your life scripts, your understandings with no judgements. Together you learn how to be more receptive, open, change perspectives, create peace, love, harmony and so much more into your life.


Evelien Van der Werff

Ik woon in Haarlem, The Netherlands

I can help you with both private-related questions and work-related questions. These can be questions such as: What do I actually want in live? How do I say what I want? How do I get more loving relationships in my life? And about any other question you would like to talk to someone about.

Everyone needs a “believer” in their life, someone who believes in you. Someone who doesn’t say, you can’t, if you say, “I want to climb Mount Everest,” but responds with, “Cool, how do you do that?” I can be your “believer”.

Dutch English

Short Bio:

Who am I? Wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend, colleague, the stranger you rush past on the street… We are all so much more. The other only sees that woman, that mother, that strange person, that woman with peak hair… Having a family is important to me. To be a part of something. And that it is good for all of us. Two pairs of feet on a hearth rug. I once read that sentence as a child, as the peak of happiness. Two pairs of feet may not be enough for me. I also wanted children and a dog. I wanted my daughters to be proud of me for being someone and doing things, daring to do things and being able to create.

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