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United States

Sara Pelkey

Keene, NH

I help women awaken their self-love, gain clarity and connect into their purposes.

Accountability, self-love strategies and mindfulness.


Short Bio:

Hello, I’m Sara! I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to leave a positive impact on the world, and the way I do that is by helping people become the best versions of themselves. In my personal life, I love hiking, traveling and my hanging with my fur baby! I hope to connect soon! Xoxo

Other Countries


Nicky Clarke


I help Women connect or reconnect to who they truly are navigating through limiting beliefs.I empower Women pleasers to speak their truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Life Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching


Short Bio:

Nicky Clarke is certified as a Spiritual Life Coach and a Mindfulness Coach, and is also certified in the Aliveness Method® and is an official Aliveness Activator™ She is an empty nester, proud mother of 3 amazing grown “kids”, married for 31 years, pursuing her dreams at 51! 

Chapter 2 Unleashed was created after being given the gift of becoming an empty nester a couple of years ago. Writing her story was important in finding her AUTHENTIC self, speaking her truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY and allowing Nicky to be unleashed! 

As a coach she teaches you how to discover and unleash the true YOU, to redefine your relationships with yourself & others to create a life of freedom and FUN in your 40s, 50s & beyond!

Evelien van der Werff

Haarlem, The Netherlands

I help people to find joy in their work and to go for what they truly want.

Work Happiness = Purpose, Flow, Connection, Fun and Friendship

English and Dutch

Short Bio:

Evelien van der Werff is a certified Aliveness Activator / Work-Happiness Ambassador, and a proud and blessed (grand)mum of 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter.

After her 22-year marriage ended in divorce, Evelien was left empty-handed and went to work as a government secretary. However, this work left her unhappy and unfulfilled. She wanted to do something that she could do and love, even after “retirement.” People always told her they were happy and grateful after talking with her, so she decided to become a coach! Now, Evelien helps people find pleasure in their work.

Evelien’s mission is to connect. She believes that by communicating honestly and being genuinely interested in each other, you will find value and meaning in your work and stop being dissatisfied. If you want to be seen, heard and acknowledged in your work, then Evelien would love to meet you!

Susanne Boëthius

Zürich, Switzerland

I help stressed out entrepreneurs and executives to design and create a meaningful new quality of life in all areas and in alignment with their own values.

Burn-Out, Relationships, Lifestyle Design

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Swiss German, English and conversational French.

Short Bio:

Susanne Boëthius is a certified Analytical Psychologist (C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich), Aliveness Activator Coach as well as founder of Executive Life Design.

During her work as the Clinical Services Director of an Employee Assistance Program, Susanne noticed how so many employees were stressed out and burned out. 

Today, in her private coaching practice she coaches executives around preventing and treating stress – and assists them to design a lifestyle that is more sustainable and in alignment with their personal values. 

Susanne is on a mission to empower Business Owners and Executives to find a Brilliant Quality of Life. If you are ready to go from Exhaustion to true Aliveness, she’d love to connect with you!

Tamsin Bradshaw


I help high-achievers and highly sensitive people navigate chaos and find balance, so they can show up focused, energized and excited for life.

Life coaching, shamanic energy medicine, spiritual coaching


Short Bio:

Tamsin Bradshaw combines life coaching with shamanic energy medicine to help high-achievers and highly sensitive people optimize their energy and their lives. 

Tamsin was always acutely aware of the flow of energy around her. For years, though, she denied her sensitivity, believing it was a ‘bad’ thing. She pursued a career in law, followed by journalism and copywriting, prioritizing work over her health and relationships. All the while, however, she felt drained, afraid, and at the mercy of emotional ups and downs.

Raising a son and a daughter prompted Tamsin to realize she could live differently. Inspired to pursue energy medicine and coaching, she moved from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to inspired and invigorated. It’s Tamsin’s mission to help clients find their own balance, and regain their lust for life.

Christine Wirsing

Maryland, USA

I help parents of special needs children live life by design – not by default. 

Lifestyle Design, Mindfulness, and Relationship Transformations


Short Bio:

Coach Christine is a Certified Aliveness Activator® Coach, proud Special Needs Mom, and the owner/founder of Creative NeuroCoach, LLC – with unparalleled expertise in working with parents of special-needs children.

Throughout her decade-long career as a former licensed psychotherapist and National Board Certified Counselor, Christine often dreamed of being able to work with people around the world.  Following a severe stroke during the early days of the Pandemic in 2020 and adjusting to life as a left hemiplegic, Christine fulfilled this dream by becoming a Certified Aliveness Coach. 

She happily jumped into the global shift of online work-life. She launched a coaching business where she supports overwhelmed and isolated special parents around the globe to fill the gaps of a lack of guidance and support. Christine is on a heartfelt mission to enliven these overwhelmed, isolated parents, so they and their families can live life by design, not by default.

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