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United States


Yelena Reese

Denver, CO

I help X PERSON achieve Y BENEFIT so they can Z

Business Coaching, Copy & Message Clarity


Short Bio:

Gigi & Makena Sage  are a mother/daughter coaching team with over four decades of combined experience, and the co-founders of Follow Your Aliveness – a global training & coaching organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering 10 million World Changers to elevate the consciousness of the planet. (P.S. Everyone is a World Changer.)

They are activating coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and parents around the globe – empowering them to create lives & careers that truly bring them alive, and help others do the same. Because when you transform, you will transform others. And the ripple effect will change the world.

Learn more and join the movement at And take their quiz to find out what kind of world changer you are at

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Other Countries


Nicky Clarke


I help people connect or reconnect to who they truly are navigating through limiting beliefs.

Mindfulness, Spiritual Life Coaching


Short Bio:

After the gift of staying home, empty nester, many years of commuting with my children to school which was 2 hours away, Mindfulness876 was created.  For many women the thought of not being as needed and not moving at 100 mph, is very scary and can send us to that “scary place”.  After discovering the practice of Mindfulness, it has been a life changer for me. So my journey began…here I am today to share it with YOU all. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I help people connect or reconnect to who they truly are navigating through limiting beliefs. I empower people pleasers to speak their truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Together we learn more about YOU, your life scripts, your understandings with no judgements. Together you learn how to be more receptive, open, change perspectives, create peace, love, harmony and so much more into your life.

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