How to Confidently Charge High Ticket Prices for Your Coaching

A lot of coaches want to shift their business model to charge high ticket pricing, but their fears and insecurities end up stopping them.

They worry about whether people will sign up – or whether they will be able to deliver value at this level.

We’ll cover why high ticket pricing is actually a better approach for most clients in a moment.

But first let’s address the second fear…

This is actually worth considering, because the most important factor in charging high ticket is that the coaching you deliver be high value – where the value meets or exceeds what you are charging the client. (That’s why Steps 3 & 4 are so important.)

But for the sake of this article, we are going to assume you are already an exceptional coach, or have a plan in place to continue growing & developing your skills, so you can charge high ticket prices in full integrity.

So let’s talk about why high ticket pricing is a great way to go for most coaches…

High ticket pricing means something different to everyone.

For some coaches, a $1000 coaching package may be high-ticket, whereas for others, high ticket means $25,000 or more. The actual numbers depend on many factors, including your experience and the clientele you serve, but the energy and principles behind both are the same.

High ticket pricing can be a great way to work with clients for several reasons.

For one thing, when you charge premium prices, people actually get more value out of their work with you. Let me explain…

Have you ever invested in a low-ticket course for maybe $99?

On the other hand, have you ever invested a large amount of money in a coach or program?

What was the difference in your experience?

If you’re like a lot (if not most) people, chances are the inexpensive program sat basically forgotten on your computer, or you put minimal effort into it. (And as a result, you got minimal results.)

Whereas when it came to the higher ticket investment, you likely showed up with a whole different energy – present, ready to go ALL IN, and do whatever it took to get the return on your investment.

In other words, people are invested in what they invest in!

Another reason this pricing model can be great for coaches is that it frees you up to serve your clients deeply…

Let’s say you need to earn $5000/month. If you’re selling a $50 product, you’ll need to sell 100 of them every month to meet your income goal. On the other hand, if you’re selling a $2500 coaching package, you only need 2 each month to reach the same goal.

The way you can show up for your clients when you’re serving two people for $2500 each is very different from your energy and attentiveness when you’re running around trying to sell hundreds of $50 products – and barely making ends meet.

Being paid well for your time means you can be more present, take better care of yourself, and continue to invest in your own growth & development.

These are just a couple of the many reasons why high ticket pricing is a great way to structure your coaching business!

Here are a few steps to shift into charging premium prices for your services – in full integrity:

Step 1: Discover the Problem You Solve for People

Charging high-ticket pricing means delivering high value. Think about how you can package what you’re brilliant at in a way that solves a pain or a problem people have… one that they would be willing to invest in solving.

People don’t need more information or advice. What they want is a transformation.

What’s the transformation you want to help your clients experience?

Step 2: Find the Right Target Market

If you’re trying to sell to a brand new market you have little connection to, it’s going to be a challenge to step into making high ticket sales. Instead, look for a market that’s a more natural fit for you, and know you can always branch out later.

For example, if you’re a doctor or nurse and you want to begin coaching full time, you may want to start by coaching doctors or nurses, and then evolve to working with other types of clients over time.

It’s also important to consider whether your target market will have the financial means to invest in your services – even if it’s a stretch for them.

If you want to serve people with a lower income, you can do so through free content, lower-priced offers or scholarships, but it’s important to get your financial bases covered first. And selling high ticket packages means finding people who can afford them.

Step 3: Consider How Ready You Are to Provide High-Level Value

If you want to charge high ticket prices, it’s time to take an honest inventory of yourself and decide whether you have the skills, experience, and willingness to serve at this level. It’s possible you just need a boost in confidence, but there’s also a chance you need to invest in developing your skills.

This is the reason many of our clients come into our Aliveness Mastery coaching certification. They’re ready to learn a proven method for transformational coaching, so they can gain confidence in their ability to change lives. Then they combine this training with their unique gifts to create incredible high-value offerings for their clients.

Step 4: Continue Investing in Your Own Growth & Development

I recently worked with a client who told me she wanted to charge $25,000 for her coaching packages, but she had a lot of fear and self-doubt coming up around selling her work at this price. When we dug into the root of her fears, we discovered that she had never invested in herself anywhere close to this level.

If you want to create high value results for people, you have to be able to guide them from a place of embodied transformation & growth. Investing in yourself at a high level will help you to be invested at a high level – and experience the growth that comes from that kind of commitment to yourself and your dreams.

This will create an energetic shift that sets the stage for you to serve your clients in high-ticket containers with confidence.

Step 5: Shift Your Money Mindset!

So many of us have negative programming around money. It feels wrapped up in our self worth and what we deserve. If you want to attract high paying clients, you have to take the steps to rewrite this programming, and see what old beliefs and patterns may be preventing you from charging high-ticket prices.

What beliefs need to shift in you so you can open up to making an incredible income charging rates that feel in full alignment for you?


If you’re ready to charge high ticket prices – and you’d love support to hone in on your unique gifts, as well as continuing to develop your skills and confidence as a coach – you’ll love our Aliveness Mastery coaching certification.

We’ll support you to identify your superpowers, gain coaching mastery, and grow your coaching business, so you can make great money changing lives.

Our next group begins February 8th!

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