How to Create a Team That Frees You Up to be in Your Sweet Spot

Do you find yourself wearing too many hats in your business? 

It’s a common experience for entrepreneurs to start out excited to do what they love for a living, only to end up in a position of spending most of their time doing things that aren’t actually in their function. 

Sometimes this is a necessary stage of business – especially as a solopreneur who is just starting out. But if this becomes the way you operate your business long-term, it can drain your energy and stunt your ability to grow. 

In my previous marketing business, I made great money and had low overhead, but I was never able to scale past a certain point, and I was stuck doing a lot of things that weren’t in my zone of genius – or what we call your “sweet spot.” This meant I was often tired and drained. Although I loved parts of what I did, I was spending way too much time outside of my function. 

When I transitioned into coaching and started growing my business, I knew I needed to set things up differently so I could scale. That’s when my mom & mentor Gigi reintroduced me to the concept of your “winning team”. 

Your Winning Team is a team that has people holding the three major roles (or natural talents) we see in business. 

Your talent is your natural gift  – the thing that brings you most ALIVE. As you spend more time in this function, you’ll have more energy, vision, and vitality. (This is different than your skills. Many people develop skills in an area that is not necessarily in alignment with their top talent.)

Your talent is one aspect of what our World Changer Quiz identifies. If you want to know your top talent, you can take our free World Changer Quiz here

A Winning Team is made up of at least one person with each of the three talents – Visionary, Connector, and Arranger.

For example, Gigi is a Visionary. Visionaries are the kind of people who are never short of a good idea. It could be a business, a project, a non-profit, or a new solution to a global crisis. They’re constantly dreaming and creating. Visionaries are forward-thinking and are often gifted at seeing trends. 

I, on the other hand, am a Connector. Connectors are people-people. They’re the type who is inspired by having conversations, creating networks and community, or making connections.  This is what I do for our business when I’m at my best. 

When we were first getting started, we both held the role of Arranger. But as we’ve grown our business, we’ve hired support for the Arranger functions so we can both spend more time in our sweet spot. 

Arrangers tend to love details and systems. They’re the type who gets giddy at the idea of taking something over and putting it in order. This could be a company’s operations, a messy closet, or the ideas of a Visionary. 

Ideally in a business, you would have someone who fills each of these roles. However, it’s important that you allow each person to take on your respective roles completely. You can collaborate, but don’t try to jump into each other’s lanes. In this way, you allow each person to tap into their unique gifts and genius. When the three of you work together holistically, it will create an amazing synergy.

As a result, everyone will have more energy and vitality – and the business will make more money. Having your Winning Team in place also creates a great flow of communication and clear roles within the organization. 

If you want to create your Winning Team, follow these steps. 

1. Identify your talent by taking the World Changer Quiz. You may think you already know your top talent from reading this article, but you might be surprised by your results. Perhaps you’ve developed skills in an area that isn’t actually your top talent. I spent many years taking on roles as an Arranger because I’m good at it, but it actually drains my energy! Keep an open mind and answer the questions as honestly as you can. Don’t second-guess yourself. Just have fun with it!

2. If you’re working with others, have them take the quiz too. Find out each of your top talents so you can see where the gaps are in your organization or team and how you can begin to fill them so everyone can spend more time in their function.

3. If you’re a solopreneur and don’t have a team, think about whether there are other people in your life who can hold the other roles for you. This could be a part-time employee, a coach, a contractor, or even a family member who supports you in your business. You might also have to learn to hold the other roles until you can get more support, but it’s so helpful to know where you want to be spending your time and energy as you grow!

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