How To Reinvent Yourself

Sometimes in the midst of growing your career or business, you can lose track of yourself. 

I had an experience like this when I was building my first successful coaching business in the 90’s. Most weekends during that time, you could find me in a seminar room in Chicago, LA, Munich, or Houston. 

I was busy traveling, coaching my clients, leading workshops and building my business. After years of hard work we were finally having BIG success, and I felt proud of my life and accomplishments. 

My life looked great from the outside, but I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was missing

I had always been a fun, energetic, and light-hearted person. And with the focus on my work, I had lost touch with that side of myself. I was getting away from who I really was – achieving so many of the things I wanted, but not truly enjoying my life and work. 

When this realization hit me, I knew it was time to take a step back and do some deep reflection. 

I asked myself questions like: 

  • What do I really want? 
  • What is missing?
  • What am I longing for? 

When I took the space to reflect and be honest with myself, I saw that I didn’t only want to be teaching others about business and relationships. I wanted more feeling, more beauty, and more FUN in my life and my work. I wanted to have amazing experiences. I was longing for a way to bring my personal flair into my work.

As I explored this desire, I saw that there were a lot of women in my position – focused and working hard in their careers, yet losing touch with their femininity, play and enjoyment of life. 

I knew I wanted to work with women not just around business and relationship, but also around how to feel more beautiful, embodied, and at home in their skin. How to see their dreams and incorporate those aspects of themselves into their lives and their work. 

That’s when my first Arts of A Woman workshop was born. 

This was a retreat where women could come practice modeling, get in touch with their creativity and femininity, and bring their whole selves. I was curious about photography, so I bought a nice camera and did photoshoots of all of the women. 

I started adding more of myself and my personality into my life & work. I still traveled and put on seminars, but I approached things very differently… 

💃 I began wearing outrageous, fashionable outfits to my seminars. 

💃 I chose beautiful destinations to work in, and put time aside to nurture myself on my travels.

💃 I gave up my desk and put a beautiful chaise lounge in my office. 

I reawakened the part of myself I had been missing – and discovered who I wanted to be in this phase of my life. 

With these changes, I felt like a new woman. I was energized, happy, confident, and curious about growing my business in a way that works for me. 

I reinvented myself by finding the parts of me that had gone dormant (or had never been fully expressed) and inviting them into my life.  

If you feel like you’ve fallen into a rut in your work or your life – if you feel stuck in a role, disconnected from yourself and your inspiration, or you’ve longing for something more – it’s time to reinvent yourself! 

Reinvention isn’t about becoming someone brand new or something you’re not – it’s about calling out the deepest parts of yourself that haven’t been self-expressed. Waking those parts of you up and inviting them into your life. 

Here are 3 ways to reinvent yourself:

   1. Set time aside for reflection and dreaming 

Reinvention requires clarity about who you’re becoming and what experiences you want to have. If you’re ready for a new you, take some time to reflect and get clear on some of these questions so you can reinvent from a place of clear intention.

   2. Take it one step at a time

It takes time to make sustainable changes and reinvent yourself in a way that feels sustainable. Rather than going for a whole new you overnight, start adding in one small thing at a time that brings you closer to the person you want to become. Wear pretty lipstick to work every day, or spend time with the kind of people who bring out the qualities you want to embody. As you add in these pieces, you’ll begin to evolve into a new you. 

   3. Act as if! 

One of the best ways to become a new version of you is simply to act the part until it becomes your reality. Once you’re clear on who you want to be and the experiences you want to have, wake up and pretend it’s already happening! Listen to the music that person would listen to, eat the foods she would eat, and think the thoughts she would think. You’ll be amazed when you start truly transforming from the inside-out. 

If you’re ready for a reinvention, I invite you to make this process a priority! Don’t put it on the back-burner because you’re “too busy” or you’ll “get to it when…”

The time is NOW. 

On June 5th-6th, we have an amazing opportunity for you to be supported and inspired by a community of like-minded women as you begin your process of reinvention. 

In our two day event, The Woman You’re Stepping Into, we’ll help you get clear on the woman you want to become, and your next steps to make your vision a reality. 

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