How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Keep In Your Business

When it comes to setting goals in your business, there’s a sweet spot for the kind of goals that will stretch you and help you grow – and that also inspire you to stay in action.

One of the things we often see with coaches and entrepreneurs that work with us is the tendency to set goals solely on numbers or external, surface-level results. For example, they may decide they want to make 6 figures this year, or that they want 10 women in their group program. 

While there’s nothing wrong with having clear and specific goals (in fact, we encourage it!), a goal that’s based solely on numbers or metrics is unlikely to keep you inspired, motivated, and on track in your business. 

Often these goals end up feeling more like pressure than inspiration. 

If you’ve ever found yourself setting goals and then losing your excitement along the way, it could be that your goals are missing a heart connection. 

In other words, they’re coming from your head. 

Setting inspiring goals requires you to get in touch with your true desire. 

Recently, one of the women in our mastermind group was having trouble setting goals she felt inspired to really go for. Her income goals alone weren’t giving her the motivation she needed. When we dug into what she really wanted, she shared a dream of living in two places – splitting her time and having a lifestyle with lots of freedom. 

When she talked about this dream, she lit up and got really excited! So we took this dream and reverse-engineered her goals from there. We looked to see how much money she would need to be making in the next year to have that lifestyle. Then we made a game for the next 30 days for her to begin creating momentum toward that 12-month “leap.”

When she connected her goals back to this deeper desire, she felt far more motivated – and was able to reach the 30 day goal she set for herself. 

Now she is on track to reach her 12-Month Leap… creating the lifestyle she has been dreaming of AND the income that will allow her to make it happen. 

When it comes to your own visions & goals, ask yourself questions like: 

What lifestyle do I desire? 

When I reach the “next level” in my business… what else becomes possible? 

What is the bigger dream or desire I’ve been putting on hold?

It could be that there’s a dream home you want to buy yourself, a big trip you’ve been craving, a lifestyle shift you want to make – or maybe like one of our other clients, you’ve always dreamed of being on the front of a magazine! 

It’s important to get to your deeper desire because that is what will pull you forward – instead of you trying to push through to reach your goals. 

When a goal comes from the mind, most people give it up as soon as they come up against challenges, fear, resistance, or distractions. But part of the purpose of having goals in business is to help us work through our resistance, so we can reach our personal “next level.”

In order to set a goal that you will keep, it needs to come from your desire so that when challenges arise, you can connect back to your deeper why. 

The first step in setting inspiring goals is figuring out what you really, truly want. 

What really lights you up and gets you excited?
What are you willing to go ALL IN for? 

(If you aren’t crystal clear on your compelling vision that pulls you forward, I highly recommend attending our “Create Your 2023 Vision” online workshop on Thursday, December 15th.)

Once you’ve identified your deeper desire, it’s time to turn it into a measurable goal. 

  • How will you know when you’ve accomplished your goal?
  • How much money (or how many clients) do you need to make to make this possible?

Pro tip: Once you know your 12-month goal, break it down into monthly goals that feel more achievable and will help you get there. 

Pick a monthly goal that will stretch you, but is realistic to accomplish in that amount of time.

For example: “I will get two new speaking gigs booked per month.” Or, “I’ll enroll one client in my 6-month package each month.”

Once you’ve figured out your short term goal, sit down and write out exactly what you’ll do each day to work toward your goal. Then head over to your calendar and block in time to focus on this – ideally 30-60 minutes per day. (We call this your “power hour” and it’s most effective if it’s the first thing you do each day.)

So much of the time when we set goals in business, we think we need to get everything else done first, and then we will have the time & energy to work on our biggest goals. But the opposite is actually true. 

Work on your goals first – and you’ll be amazed at how much energy and clarity this creates! 

Stop letting your dreams be the last thing on your “to do” list. Commit to spending 30-60 minutes per week-day taking focused action toward your goals, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished 90 days from now. 

Let’s recap those steps one more time…

1. Come from DESIRE first. What is your vision that pulls you forward? (Come to our “Create Your 2023 Vision” workshop if you want support to get crystal clear!)

2. Make it MEASURABLE. How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? Make sure it’s quantifiable or measurable in some way, so you know how much progress you are making along the way!

3. Break your bigger “12-Month Leap” down into a MONTHLY goal. Make sure it feels like a stretch, but also achievable. 

4. Write down EXACTLY what you’ll do to reach your goal. Make a list of the most important tasks that will really move the needle to get results.

5. SCHEDULE your daily “power hour.” Put 30-60 minutes into your calendar everyday – ideally at the beginning of the day – to focus on the most important tasks that will make your goal a reality. 

That’s it!

We look forward to seeing you in our Visioning workshop, and supporting you to get clear on the deeper desire that will become your “battery pack” and your source of inspiration for the year to come. Learn more and sign up here.


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