I Used to Think I Had to ‘Have It All Together’ to Get Visible Online… Here’s What I’ve Learned Growing a Multiple 6-Figure Brand

A few years ago, I was running a successful online marketing business helping multi-million dollar coaches + speakers grow their brands and attract clients online.

On the outside, it looked like I had it ALL together… But behind closed doors, I was struggling.

I was suffering daily panic attacks and I was completely exhausted + burned out.

Finally, after YEARS of soul searching – trying to figure out how to make a transition into work that felt more aligned – I got the courage to start my own coaching business.

I was excited and ready to go for it!

I went out on faith and took the leap… and then quickly fell straight into the comparison trap.

After helping so many successful brands with their marketing and online presence, I got caught up thinking the only way I could succeed in this new business was to have it all together.

I thought I needed the “perfect” photos, gorgeous branding, and the perfect messaging. I looked around at what everyone else was doing and they just seemed so polished and put together.

I felt like an imposter. I couldn’t stop thinking,

Who am I to be putting myself out there, I’m just getting started in coaching!”
If I share about my life online, people will see through me and know I don’t REALLY have it all together.”

This internal battle went on for several months as I worked hard to build my new business.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was out of touch with my own authenticity. I was so busy looking outside myself for the answers that I didn’t stop to look within and see what was right for ME.

Fast forward to today… I’m running a multiple 6-figure coaching business, growing our brand, and having so much fun along the way!

I LOVE showing up on social media sharing my message, and I’ve found ways to put myself out there that feel authentic + aligned for me.

Today, if a marketing strategy or an opportunity for exposure doesn’t resonate for me, I simply don’t do it. I’m also very selective about the content I consume on social media and the way it makes me feel.

I learned the hard way how easy it can be to fall into the trap of comparison and feeling bad about yourself. The truth is, comparing myself to others never helped me become more successful. It only weakened me.

Yet imposter syndrome and comparison are an epidemic among entrepreneurs – especially among women.

Thinking they need to have it all together (or at least look like they have it all together) stops so many people from putting themselves out there and sharing their life-changing work with those who need it most.

That’s why I want to share the steps I took on my journey to releasing the need to have it all together, building a brand that’s aligned for me, and having FUN along the way…


   1. Pay attention to the things you’re curious about – even if they scare you!

For me, this meant noticing the people I admired or felt inspired by and paying attention to what they were doing. For example, if I found myself regularly watching Facebook LIVEs from an entrepreneur I followed online, I made a note of it. Maybe LIVE video was something I should try too – even though it made me nervous even thinking about it! Or was it the topics they were talking about I was most drawn to? Or the way they shared so vulnerably online? 

Paying attention to what I was drawn to (as well as what I really didn’t resonate with) gave me clues about how I wanted to put myself out there online.  Then, once something sparked my curiosity, I took a chance on following that thread, even if it scared me at first!. Which leads me to the second step…

   2. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new

Doing photoshoots was something I was always drawn to… but I felt super uncomfortable about this at first! When my mentor pushed me to get OUT of my comfort zone and follow my curiosity by doing regular photoshoots – something shifted. Not only did I have a blast doing them, but my business actually grew as a result! Today, regular photoshoots are a core part of my brand. They are a fun creative outlet, and allow me to bring more of ME into our marketing.

Now I know photoshoots are one of my Magnetizers – one of the ways I self-express that naturally makes me more magnetic, and attracts more opportunities (and clients!) into my life and business.

Side-note: I also tried some things that didn’t end up being aligned for me! Webinars were something I experimented with, and I found out that for the most part, they weren’t a great fit. I feel more alive when I do podcasts or get up on a stage and speak. As a result, those tend to be the activities that are more effective at building my brand too! But for another person, webinars might get them really lit up. That’s why you have to get out of your comfort zone and explore.

   3. Create the vision for the person you’re stepping into

One of the most powerful things I did to start showing up authentically online was to get clear on the woman I wanted to become in my next chapter. I love creating a Pinterest board or collage to start this process. Using a creative, visual outlet helps me get clear on the energies and qualities I want to embody in my life – and how I want to show those parts of me online. Then, I buy the clothes she would wear, go to the places she would go, and act the way she would act. We have the women in our programs do this, and it sparks profound transformations.

Often from where we sit right now, it’s hard to imagine putting ourselves out there. But when you create the vision of the women you are becoming, it helps you uplevel to the place you want to be. That person already lives inside of you – they just haven’t been brought out yet!

If you’ve struggled with imposter syndrome online, gotten stuck in the comparison trap, or if you’ve let your doubts and fears about what others will think stop you from getting visible online, I invite you to try these tips. I think you’ll be amazed at how much more fun you have in your business… as well as the results you create!

Remember: When you do the things that bring you ALIVE, you become magnetic.

If you aren’t already clear about your vision for the woman you want to become, we’re hosting an amazing 2-day virtual event called The Woman You’re Stepping Into on June 5-6th. It’s all online and you can join from anywhere in the world. Best of all – the whole weekend is just $39!

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