Let’s inspire your audience… and change the world together.

Whether you’re a podcast host, coach, event organizer, or business owner, one of the things that drew you to your work was your desire to make an impact.

You love empowering your clients, listeners, and teams with powerful tools and life-changing experiences. It’s not just about making great money – you want to make a real difference.

Sound about right?

Then we are perfectly aligned!

We believe in the power of the ripple effect. A single speech, podcast episode, or article has the power to change lives. When we combine our decades of experience with your company, audience, or platform, the impact will be exponential.

3 Reasons to Hand Us The Mic ...

Our coaching and communication methods are 36 years in the making.

They’ve reached tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries – proving their effectiveness across cultures – and have stood the test of time. With more than four decades of combined coaching experience, Gigi & Makena bring a depth of knowledge unmatched in our industry.

We appeal to a variety of audiences.

Our clients have ranged from C-Suite executives at Fortune 500 Companies and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home moms and people just starting their first businesses. As a mother/daughter team that spans two generations, we bring a mix of accessibility and wisdom that resonates with people across ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We are inspirational and transformational.

We share openly and authentically about our highs and lows – leaving audiences feeling moved and inspired.
We teach practical tools and proven skills that transform people’s lives, careers & businesses, relationships and families. More than just insights, people walk away with actionable steps to change their life.

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Curious About Having Gigi or Makena on Your Stage or Podcast?

Fill out this short form, and our team will be in touch about next steps.

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