Ready to Hire & Scale? Read This First.

You did it! 

You’ve built your business to the point where you’ve outgrown your current business model. 

You know this because you are maxed out. 

You can’t possibly take on more work or more clients – because you are already working more than you want to be. 

So the next step is obvious: hire a team. Get support. Delegate the things you don’t want to be doing to someone else (or multiple people!). 

But wait… 

Before you do that – let’s have a little chat. 

There are some things you need to know before you “scale” your business. 

The mistake most business-owners make is thinking they can hire out the things they don’t want to be doing, or the problems they can’t seem to solve on their own – and someone else will just handle those things for them. 

When I first started hiring, I made the same mistake. 

I under-estimated the time it would take to train someone. I thought I could hire out the things I didn’t want to do, and just pass them off to someone else to handle. 

Turns out – that’s not how it works!

Until a business reaches a certain size (where you have managers and people who handle a lot of this for you), you can’t delegate something unless you:

a) Have mastered it yourself – and/or

b) Are willing to get in and train / oversee / create the systems & support to help your team members truly succeed

(Even if you hire someone super smart & talented, they aren’t going to know how you want things to be done. They won’t know your clients, and your business.)

This takes time. It takes dedication. 

It’s so worth it – but it takes work!

The other biggest mistake when hiring a team is not knowing WHY you’re scaling and what scaling really means to you. 

I met someone at a party the other night and she told me how she spent the past two years growing a team and scaling her business – only to pour all the money she’d made right back into the business, ending up with less money and less time than ever before!

She told me, “I’m not even sure if I want to ‘scale’ my business anymore. I know I want to make a bigger impact, but I also want more freedom. And I think there’s a better way for me to go about that.”

To find out what you really want, there are some critical questions you need to ask yourself… 

Questions like: 

  • What kind of lifestyle do you want? 
  • How much do you want to be working?
  • How much money do you personally want to make?
  • Do you enjoy managing people? (Or are you willing to learn to enjoy it?)
  • What does “scaling” mean to you? Is it a certain amount of money? Clients? Impact? 
  • Why do you want to “scale?” What’s your end-goal?

All of these factor into how you grow your business. 

Because the truth is, there are many ways to grow and scale. 

And when you find the one that fits for you… ahhhh. It’s a beautiful thing. 

It’s like finding that perfect pair of jeans that just fits. (And makes your butt look amazing.)

If you haven’t taken the time to zoom out and get crystal clear on what that “perfect fit” business model is for you – how you want to grow to your “next level” in business – then I have a special invitation for you…

We are hosting an intimate 3-day workshop in Austin, TX December 9th-11th, and this is exactly what it’s designed to help you do. 

✅ Get crystal clear on a vision for your “next level” success that lights you up & fills you with energy
✅ Make more money by working smarter – NOT harder
✅ Get an outside perspective on your “blind spots” and opportunities for growth
✅ Move through fear & self-doubt (so you can stop putting your dreams on hold – and start actualizing the deepest desires of your heart & soul)
✅ Workshop your message / branding / copy / marketing plan, and anything else you need to jump to your “next level” in business
✅ Connect with like-minded women who inspire you and become trusted friends and “mastermind partners”
✅ Create huge momentum toward your goals that you continue to experience for months to come

Ready to level up?

Details + registration here: 

You deserve a business that gives you the freedom & ease you’re looking for. And an incredible team you love. 

I’m rooting for you – and I can’t wait to support you to create it!


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