Secrets of Power Couples® Part 1: What is a Power Couple?

I’ve dedicated a large part of my 37 years as a coach to the study & practice of relationships and communication.

At the core of my mission is a commitment to harmony and understanding between people.

I believe that the more harmonious our interpersonal relationships are, the happier our children will be – and the less conflict we have in the world, the fewer wars will be fought.

Hurt people hurt people, but people who are deeply loved & understood go out to do great things and make powerful contributions to this planet.

That is why I’m passionate about helping couples become Power Couples.

I define a Power Couple as two people who are in a romantic relationship that is about much more than just their relationship with one another.

They are committed to attending to their own needs & desires first, as well as bringing out the best in each other and supporting each other to go for their dreams. And they are playing a “bigger game.” This could be raising a healthy, happy family. Or it could be a business or project that has a positive impact on the world.

Being a part of a Power Couple dynamic is one of the most fulfilling experiences in many of my clients lives.

It isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly ease-ful. And it is deeply worth the “work” it takes to create and sustain.

So – as I prepare to lead my Secrets of Power Couples® retreat in Jamaica in February, I wanted to share a series of articles on this topic to support anyone who is curious about creating this dynamic within your current relationship (or calling it in for your next partnership).

Part one of this series is below.

As you read, I’d love to hear from you. Email me any questions you have, or any insights and “aha” moments that occur for you: [email protected]

Wishing you life-changing love and harmony.


Secrets of Power Couples® Part 1:

What is a Power Couple?

Most couples start out deeply in love…

They see the best in each other, and have a shared vision for a beautiful life together.

As the years go by, their love grows. But their lives also become more complex. Between demanding careers, family dynamics, and busy schedules, much of the initial “spark” gets lost.

For some, communication breakdowns cause conflict and strain on the relationship. Others find themselves doing “fine” yet somehow no longer as deeply connected. Often their intimate connection falls to the bottom of the priority list – or simply grows stale.

The woman may complain, or try to “hold everything together” – and become exhausted. The man may pour himself into his work. Little by little, they drift in different directions, even though the love is still there.

Whether they realize it or not, these strains on their partnership have a ripple effect on every part of their life: their results in business… their health… and how they show up for their loved ones.

They have a “good” relationship. Maybe even a great life. But both people sense deep down… it could be so much richer.

A power couple experiences life differently…

They empower each other, each bringing their unique gifts to the dynamic.

The woman shares her unwavering belief, and her intuitive ability to see into people, situations, and the timing of things. The man shares his strength and conviction… his strategic mind and determination.

Each partner knows the importance of going for what they want individually, as well as together as a couple. They attend to their own happiness and well-being, which feeds into their relationship. And they are deeply attentive to each other. As a result, their relationship becomes a source of energy that fuels every other part of their lives.

Their careers and businesses thrive. Their children are grounded and happy. Their health improves. Their lives feel richer and more meaningful.

They continue to learn and grow together… Communication skills. Deepening in their intimate connection. Exploring individual and shared interests. As they evolve, they experience the great joy of rediscovering each other again and again.

They have a shared vision for their relationship, their family, and the impact they want to make in the world. This creates harmony and ease, as they are fully aligned in pursuit of their bigger dreams.

The truth is… We aren’t taught how to create exceptional relationships.

Instead, we just kind of expect them to work.

We pour all of our time and energy into our careers, raising families, and trying to live rich and balanced lives.

Our relationships, however, end up mostly on auto-pilot.

But at what cost?

There’s the energetic cost of conflict – and how this impacts every other area of life.

There’s the cost of dissatisfaction – individually and in the relationship – that creates an “energy leak” which drains vitality & connection.

But most importantly, there’s the cost of what is missing – which most people never even take the time to consider.

  • The depth of intimacy, relaxation and fun that is possible, even in a long-term relationship. (Most people assume this ends with the “honeymoon phase” and it’s not something they will ever get back again.)

  • The level of empowerment that has each partner feeling deeply seen and supported – knowing they are both 100% on each other’s team.

  • The mutual respect & loving communication that lead to a happy, peaceful home.

  • The plan for breakdowns that allows for the ups & downs of life to be minor speed bumps – rather than full-blown earthquakes.

  • The bigger game that creates alignment – and a richer and more meaningful experience of life together.

Imagine what would be possible if you had the tools, guidance, and time away from your day-to-day life to deeply connect and create your unique Power Couple dynamic.

How would you show up differently at work?

How would your energy and inspiration change?

What would the ripple effect be on every area of your life?

Take some time to reflect on these questions this week, and then tune in next week for Part 2 of this series: “Men Want Teammates. Women Want Soul-Mates.”


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