“Then & Now” Success Stories

“Then & Now” Success Stories

Meet Tanya


  • Hair stylist working for a large franchise​
  • Dreamed of starting her own business for years, but was scared to take the leap​
  • Felt disconnected from her dreams


  • Left her job to become her own boss
  • TRIPLED her income in a matter of weeks​ (during the pandemic!)
  • Planning to hire employees, buy her own salon and launch a product line
  • Using what she’s learning in Aliveness Mastery to grow as an entrepreneur + leader

Meet Nicky


  • Mindfulness & spiritual life coach wanting to grow her business
  • Posted on social media every day for a year – and didn’t getting ANY clients
  • Afraid to get vulnerable online (“I was worried people would judge me.”)


  • Booked her first clients (“who keep signing up for package after package!”)
  • Broke through her fears (“You taught me to believe in myself”)
  • “This confidence has overflowed into EVERY part of my life and relationships”

Meet Danielle


  • New mom working behind-the-scenes in a business with her husband
  • Always wanted to start her own business, but would quit before she really got started
  • Struggled with not having enough time & wanting everything to be perfect


  • Website + Instagram launched
  • Landed her first paid client!
  • More energy AND more present with her daughter & husband

Meet Kim


  • Marriage & divorce coach struggling to monetize her passion
  • “I had this huge fear of having to go back to the corporate world – to ‘cube life’”
  • “I knew it would crush my soul if I had to give up on this dream”


  • Made 1.5X her income from the previous YEAR – in just 3 months!
  • Feeling excited about the future – and clear on her next steps
  • “This program was a miracle for me. It came at the perfect time.”

Meet Yvonne


  • Master Coach & NLP Trainer for 25+ years
  • Ready to turn her live trainings & coaching into an online group program
  • Wanted a plan that aligned with her values & voice (NOT a “one-size-fits-all” strategy)


  • 7 people in the first session of her new online program
  • Scaling her message & sharing it with a global audience
  • Had so much FUN doing it!

Meet Elly


  • Naturopathic doctor struggling to grow her new online business
  • Income was inconsistent (“I was tired of barely making it by”)
  • Dreamed of location freedom + making great money doing what she loves


  • Earning 3-4X her previous income during her biggest months!
  • Making plenty of money to rent her dream apartment, save for retirement AND travel
  • Feeling more confident (“I can do it all!”) and in flow

Meet Meredith


  • PhD student working 3 jobs and struggling to make ends meet
  • Feeling a lack of confidence & clarity about what direction to go in her career
  • Wanted to continue her own personal growth AND educate herself about business


  • Launched her private therapy practice and enrolled 8 clients in the first 30 days!
  • Released limiting beliefs that were holding her back (“I believe in myself again”)
  • Feeling competent in business, confident in herself + clear on her next steps

Meet Katherine


  • Health coach for many years, but felt uninspired & unclear on next steps
  • Struggled with fear of visibility and showing up consistently online


  • Created a new program she felt genuinely excited about
  • Launched super-engaged Facebook group with more than 250 members
  • Booked 7 new 1:1 clients!

Meet Sharon


  • Health coach, yoga & meditation teacher & author with decades of experience
  • Wanted to grow her business – without growing her stress levels


  • Launched her first high-ticket offer (working less and earning more!)
  • Feeling less stressed and more in FLOW
  • More present with her family

Meet Meghan


  • Successful hair stylist with a bigger dream
  • Wanted to launch a new hair parties business, but wasn’t making it a priority
  • Struggled with perfectionism, procrastination & not having a clear plan


  • Launched her website
  • Got featured on the local news!
  • Feeling excited, confident & clear

Video Success Stories

She TRIPLED Her Income (During the Pandemic!)

Tanya tells her story of feeling STUCK in a job where she was unhappy & underpaid – to becoming her own boss and tripling her income in a matter of weeks… and re-discovering her courage, passion, and long-forgotten dreams in the process.

From Unhappy & Unclear to Doing Work She LOVES

Nicky tells her story of working with Gigi & Makena over the past four years – getting clarity on her vision… leaving an unhealthy relationship… stepping into self-love… and creating the business of her dreams.

She Made 1.5X Her 2019 Income – In 3 Months!

Kim tells her story of going from struggling to monetize her coaching business (and feeling scared she would have to go back to the corporate world) – to experiencing a HUGE jump in her income and feeling clear & excited for the future again.

“Things just started to click” (And I knew what I wanted to do)

Harper tells her story of feeling totally unclear about the next steps in her career – to creating a vision that fills her with aliveness, and feels fully aligned with the impact she wants to make in the world.

From Inconsistent Income to THRIVING in Her Business

Elly tells her story of going from “barely making it by” in her online business as a Naturopathic doctor – to creating a consistent monthly income (up to 3-4X her previous income during her best months!) and living the lifestyle she’d always dreamed of.

“It’s changed my marriage and how I am as a mother.”

Nicky tells her story of stepping into her SHINE and experiencing shifts in every area of her life as a result. ✔️ Booking her first paid clients (“who keep signing up for package after package!”) ✔️ Breaking through fears ✔️ Deepening her relationships.

Gigi's Success Stories

I started coaching with Gigi 12 years ago, and it’s changed my life completely. At the time, I was very stressed out, and a total perfectionist. From the outside, everyone said I had a ‘perfect’ life – the kids, job, and everything. But I wasn’t truly happy.

Through working with Gigi, I’ve grown so much, and become more of my true self. I’m more accepting, empathetic, and above all – happy. I’ve grown a very successful business with my husband, which didn’t seem possible twelve years ago. But Gigi taught me how to communicate with him so that we could go ALL IN and build our success together.

Her coaching has transformed my relationship, career, and even my family. We are so much more connected, and our relationships have a much higher quality. Everytime I work with Gigi I learn new things, and get clarity about what’s next. That’s why I keep coming back!

Katja Wieland-Kaefer

Entrepreneur & Mom (Germany)

“Within a month of starting to work with Gigi & Makena, my income doubled. Since then, it’s tripled – and I’m not even halfway through the program! I’m on track to earn multiple 6 figures this year, and I’m aiming for 7 figures next.

Gigi’s helped me to re-structure my life, so I don’t get so overwhelmed anymore. I’ve hired support around the house so I can be focused on my business – and being a great mom for my four kids. And I’ve started delegating the things I don’t love to do to an assistant. Another big benefit of our coaching is that my relationship with my husband has become even stronger.

Makena helped me a lot to get clear on my branding and marketing strategy to take my business international. Between the two of them, I feel supported in EVERY area of my personal and professional life.

As a result, I have so much more energy. I’m excited about my next steps. And since I’ve gotten totally clear about what I want, the exact opportunities I asked for keep showing up!”

Danijela Saponjic

Feng Shui Expert & Author (Germany)

“When we met, I was suffering through a severe burnout that ultimately lasted about 18 months. I had tried everything I could to recover, but nothing was working. You and I met only briefly, but something you said really resonated with me. You talked about your work helping entrepreneurs identify what brings them energy and aliveness. Though I’d heard people talk about doing what lights you up before, the way you described it was different.

I left that brunch and immediately began making changes. As a result, I went from feeling disoriented, partly depressed and irritated with myself – to feeling full of energy and excitement towards my next project. As I write to you now, I am about to sell 50% of my business and transition from CEO into the product visionary role. Then with my extra time I will be pursuing what I believe is my calling in life.

I’m sure you weren’t expecting this but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You made a huge impact on me in our short conversation.”


Entrepreneur (Austin, TX)

“I originally started coaching with Gigi around the topic of relationship. Then she supported me through the launch of my own fitness training business. A while later I had a major knee injury – and was told I’d have to change careers. I was totally devastated, and 50,000 Euros in debt from not being able to work for 6 months.

Two years after that, I ran a marathon. And with Gigi’s coaching, I’ve since paid off all of my debt. It’s such a big support to have someone you can ask any question – who isn’t just specialized in one topic. Gigi can really help you in ALL areas, and that’s fantastic.

I always say if I earn at least ten times as much as Gigi costs me then I will continue our work together. And I am still coaching with her today. It’s worth every penny.”

Conny Schumacher

Coach & Speaker (Germany)

“I believe there comes a time in all of our lives when we feel we could use a little guidance. That time came for me at the very young age of 19. When I was introduced to Gigi, I was immediately taken back by the honesty in her work. I could feel myself opening up in ways I didn’t know were possible. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but something told me I was in the right place. I began to take classes with Gigi on a regular basis.

The skills I learned from Gigi impacted my connections with all the people in my life – including my daughter. Gigi taught me how to truly empower her, teach her discipline and productivity, all while keeping her full of joy and curiosity. She is a teenager now, and while most of her friends do not talk to their parents, confide in them, or want to spend time with them, mine does. She is a strong, confident, loving, respectful, and brilliant young woman with endless potential.

Gigi’s work also impacted my work in a profound manner. She taught me how to manage people in a way that created harmony. How acknowledging people created stronger connections within the workplace – and increased productivity. She showed me how to truly accept each and every person, and to see exactly what their talents were. As a result, I was able to create a team that took our business to the top ½ of 1% in our profession!

Gigi has been instrumental in every aspect of my life, but if I had to pick one thing that has brought me the most success, it would be the importance of finding ‘balance’ within yourself. Women especially have so many hats to wear in life. Wife, lover, mother, employee or entrepreneur, care-taker, chauffeur, and don’t forget, friend. With all of these duties, many become overwhelmed, resentful, and bitter. I have seen this far too often with my friends, colleagues, and even my patients. Gigi’s work taught me to take care of myself first, and all else will follow. This one gift has brought me peace, which carries over to all those around me.

If you are reading this, you are obviously looking for something. Perhaps asking yourself if working with Gigi is right for you, but then you would be asking the wrong question. It is not “if” you should work with her, but “How.” I have taken other courses over the years, but they all offer an ‘in the moment’ experience. Once you leave the class you do not have anything to take with you. The information, methods, and tools Gigi provides are designed to continue with you for the rest of your life. And that… is priceless!”

Faye Callahan, R.T.

Clinic Director & Coach (California)

“Before working with Gigi, my life was actually in a pretty good place. My business was growing, I had the partner I’d always wished for, and we had a lovely daughter. But I always had this sense that something was still missing… I just didn’t know what. I was working like crazy – but I didn’t have a clear vision for my future.

Gigi had this energy and glow about her. She had 5 kids and a business, and yet she seemed so happy and grounded. I knew I had to work with her.

Since then, so much has changed. I let go of a lot of fear, anxiety and old beliefs that were holding me back. I realized I was addicted to work and stress – and found a way to restructure my life so I could have more fun and take time off. I doubled my rates, and then decided to take a break from work altogether when I got pregnant with our second child.

As I became more relaxed in business, I also relaxed a lot more with my family. I don’t get angry the way I used to. We don’t fight or nag each other about small things… and if we do, we resolve it fast. Even when we have different goals or visions, it feels like we are all on the same path together.

A few months ago, my husband (who also works with Gigi) took a big job opportunity in Asia and we all moved there together. We are so excited about this new beginning. Today, I feel a grounded happiness that stays with me all the time, regardless of the situations or circumstances going on around me. And I know for a fact I would not be in this place without Gigi. Thank you!”

Reema (Asia)

“I wish I had known Gigi when I was climbing the corporate ladder. Without sounding too lofty, I think Gigi’s approach can change the way the world works.

Michelle James

“After attending hundreds of hours of professional development seminars, I discovered how to truly be effective through Gigi Sage’s training programs. Her work was so useful to me, that I repeated some courses several times. I learned the power of acknowledgement and how to engage my teams by bringing about their curiosity. Most important, I learned how to navigate my career by following my own curiosity. This resulted in the creation of my own corporate comedy troupe, which performed for Fortune 500 companies. I highly recommend her work.”

Patty Shull (Houston, TX)

“In a short space of time, I can honestly say that my life has been transformed. I am no longer feeling bouts of depression, but an aliveness that comes from deep within. The only way to describe it is that my heart is singing. The first big shift I noticed was a real understanding of what really feeds my spirit. This insight alone has transformed my energy levels and my confidence levels – which in turn has transformed my family life. In my work, I am more ‘myself’ and wear less of a mask. Opportunities are coming to me from all angles, and I am attracting the kind of people that I would like to have in my life. Thank you.”

S.B. (London)

“One day I was reading a newspaper and I came across an ad for Gigi and her ‘5 Hour Facelift’ and I thought ‘Wow, no surgery?!’ (And I’m in skin care!). I went home, bought her eBooks, read the first one and LOVED her message. I went to Gigi to get a ‘facelift’ and received a LIFE lift. I am on my way to build a business with a self I truly love, thanks to Gigi!”

Sheree Boegner (Texas)

“Since I met Gigi, my life has changed dramatically. I was already in the midst of change after selling my business, but the change I am referring to is more internal. Through her coaching my life has opened up in ways I had never imagined. The person I thought I was – the person I had trained or been trained to be – was not really me. There was nothing wrong with that person, it just wasn’t the REAL me, and I was neither happy nor fulfilled.

So what has specifically changed? To use just one word, it would have to be relationships. My relationships with my husband, my daughter, friends, relatives, and the world have deepened and grown. Even my physical being has changed; my look is much softer and calmer. When people see me now they attribute the change to a new hairstyle or selling my business, but I know the real reason – I have finally found me. Thank you.”

Deborah (Texas)

“Most of my friends can’t understand how Gigi has helped me. They say that everything she’s told me is just common sense and what they have been telling me for years!! I don’t dispute that, but the quality that Gigi has as a coach – that my dear friends do NOT possess – is the powerful skill to help me identify and break through the barriers to me making progress that for years, I had failed to see (denied!). The result? I am now in the best place I have been in years.

Gigi’s strengths as a coach include her insight, intuition and masterful skill in asking that difficult question and pushing me that bit further. I am generally impatient. I wanted quick results and a return for my investment. I have gotten all that in bucket loads. By quickly getting to the hub of the issue (which wasn’t even on my radar), and giving me specific guidance and feedback, I’ve become happier with myself, my life and my future.

I wasn’t in a bad place – so am genuinely surprised at how much more content I am in my life, as a direct result of working with Gigi. She helped me be more present in the moment, increase my self-esteem, lose the weight I’d been moaning about losing for years, and identify the right guy for me now (rather than compromising or reverting to old patterns with men that aren’t good to me). I also found the man of my dreams! Thank you Gigi.”

Fionna (England)

“Gigi, I appreciated your workshop so much. I got insight into something that had affected my relationship with my husband for 9 years. It was humbling, refreshing, and healing. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The tools you offer are practical, simple and revolutionary. And, I had so much fun!”


“At a time in my life when I was feeling a little flat and unmotivated both in my personal and professional life, Gigi helped me to really crystalize what I want – and then inspired me to go get it!  I went from feeling like I’m just sort of floating through life, to lasering in on what I truly want (and deserve) – and I’m already seeing my life take shape accordingly.  Gigi has helped me realize that my biggest dreams are there for the taking.  I haven’t been this excited about my future in a long time!”


“There is a wisdom, clarity and groundedness in Gigi that imbues her with a natural sense of total credibility. You FEEL the truth of what she’s saying because it instantaneously goes in and rings right with your own felt experience. It is an enormously wise, fun, and easily applicable set of teachings. I found it to have practical, immediate usefulness in my life and interactions, starting the next day! What I also liked is that Gigi doesn’t wrangle around with the “why” – she gets to ACTUAL CHANGE. I would highly recommend this work to anyone.”

Janet Larson (New York & LA)

Corporate Success Stories

“Approximately 80 women from the top of the 2000 employees in the Houston office of Duke Energy were invited to participate in [Gigi’s seminar]. The results were powerful. Within six months, over 50% of the women were promoted. Many of these women would not have been considered for the jobs they moved to without the change in attitude that came from doing your work. Congratulations on creating tools that allow shifts in thinking and get results.”


Duke Energy (Houston, TX)

“I learned skills which gave me the confidence to start asking for what I want from both my personal and professional relationships. I’ve started to outline and clearly articulate my goals and I’m now completing projects/initiatives that will specifically help me achieve them.”

Senior V.P.


“I am starting to pay attention to what ‘lights up’ my colleagues. It’s very valuable information.”



“I now listen more closely and think through a response that will deliver a positive end result. I have an increased awareness of the impact of communication style on what I want.”



“For me, it raised awareness of options, skills, and tools that I didn’t know had a name.”



“I attended the seminar to learn how to motivate male employees – especially men older than I am. I was working for IBM and had just finished a year project in Tokyo and was starting my new job at IBM in Singapore. The workshop started at 10 am and by 11 am I was thinking that this training should be mandatory for women – preferably before we even start dating.  Professionally, I started to see how the all male-team I worked with responded so much better when I shifted out of complaining or combative communication and into cooperation. Thank you for creating this.”

Marketing Communications Manager

IBM (Asia)

Many of the women were promoted, including myself. My relationships at work have improved since I am more in touch with my own feelings and actions, instead of focusing on ‘what [others] are doing to me.’ This has been very helpful in my job.”

Business Manager

Pan Energy (Houston, TX)
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