The Tumultuous Nature of Transformation

One of the ironies of nature is the fact that many of the most beautiful places in the world are also the most tumultuous environments. Mountains, beaches, islands and many idyllic landscapes are also home to hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other agents of mother nature’s constant push for change.

Although unstable, these environments are home to undeniable, eye-catching beauty.

These spots on our earth are constantly evolving – and out of evolution and change, new life and beauty emerges.

A similar phenomenon takes place within human beings.

People who are willing to go deep, look within, see their shadows, and not shy away from upheaval or challenges when they arise have something special about them.

However, it’s human nature to want to look like we have it all together.

So we strive for perfection, and do everything we can to convince ourselves (and others) that things are going great.

We work on our mindset.
We say our affirmations.
We focus on the positive.

… which are all wonderful practices & intentions to hold!

Yet there are also moments in life when we are called to dig deeper.

Sometimes an old pattern, hurt, fear, or trauma comes up to rear its head. Other times, we’re called to meet a challenge in order to grow, evolve, and transform.

And there are seasons in life where we simply fall apart – where life feels like a mess and we have no idea where we’re heading. During these times, we may be challenged to look deeply at the pain in our hearts or shine a light into the shadows we’ve tried to ignore for too long.

Some of the defining moments of our lives stem from how we choose to respond to these triggers or events.

If we choose to stay on the surface – doing our best to keep looking like everything is a-okay, only wanting to talk about the good, or bypassing the truth of what our hearts (or life) is trying to tell us – we miss valuable opportunities to evolve.

It may feel easier to avoid looking deeply at whatever is calling for our attention in these challenging times, but in the long run this avoidance slowly chips away at our health & happiness. This is because what is under the surface – those things we resist and don’t want to look at – will continue to nag at us and show up in new ways until we’re ready to dive in and meet them.

On the other hand, when we dig deep, allow things to fall apart, or look at, own, and accept the parts of ourselves that aren’t perfect…

We gain wisdom and depth.

We gain a deeper understanding of others, and ourselves.

And ultimately, we grow into the people we were meant to be.

These moments, although not easy, can be the catalysts for depth, beauty, and meaning that you simply wouldn’t have access to had you been unwilling to go there.

The transformation you seek is born in the fire of evolution.

As volcanoes erupt and the earth is reborn, we too were meant to evolve and be reborn many times in our lives. But in order to experience this kind of growth, we must heed the calls when they come.

This is a choice you will make in your life, many times over.

When pain shows up at the door, when you’re faced with a challenge, when your fears are present – you can either shut the door, sweep it under the rug, and do your best to go on as if nothing has happened. Or, you can rise to the occasion – with bravery, humility, and a willingness to try, fail, and try again.

This doesn’t mean your life has to be full of hardship or struggle. It simply means that life is meant to have a vast array of experiences and feelings – and if you’re only willing to operate on the surface level, you will miss out on so much of the beauty.

Whatever area we most resist is usually the one where we most need to grow.

Simply having a positive attitude will not liberate you. Only when you get real and are willing to meet ALL of the experiences of your life can you see the true beauty that is your birthright.

This is our invitation to you…

When something shows up and you feel your tendency to want to push it aside – try doing the opposite instead.

You don’t need to spend forever dwelling on the negative or processing your emotions. Just dig deep and get real about WHAT IS, so that you can let it move through you and let it go.

Ask yourself: What is here that I need to see? What can I learn from this?

On the other side of that tumultuous unrest is your most beautiful life, and the true freedom you long for.


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