Transforming Fear & Self-Doubt into Forward Momentum

The weekend I led my first ever solo seminar, I was terrified. 

I remember standing in front of the room with five women staring back at me and feeling a sense of fear, but also incredible excitement. 

Although the prospect of having to lead these women through an entire weekend experience alone was out of my comfort zone, I also knew deep down that I was ready to rise to the occasion. 

For the last few years, I had dedicated myself to my growth and transformation. I had changed and evolved in incredible ways, and I was ready to help others make similar changes in their lives. 

This was my chance to begin putting everything I had learned into practice by sharing my work with others.

I got through the weekend by getting my attention off of myself and onto the women who were there. When my fear came up, I put my focus on their lives and relationships. I poured myself into seeing how I could support them. 

Over the last 36 years, the majority of the skills, frameworks, and wisdom I’ve developed have come through moments like this. Moments where I put myself out there, took action before I was ready, and allowed myself to learn through my experiences. 

I didn’t feel 100% prepared going into that first weekend training, but I trusted my deep desire to serve and support these women. 

Each time I’ve taken a risk like this throughout my life, I’ve been honored to be a catalyst for transformation in my clients. And I’ve gotten the chance to see my own potential & brilliance through the impact I make for my clients.

Many of the frameworks, skills, and methods I teach today have come from my experience of working with people. I listen to their needs and their challenges, I look for patterns in their experiences, and then I create a process to help them find breakthroughs and clarity. 

All of my wisdom and success is a result of taking action – not waiting for perfection or relying on perfect planning. And over the years, I’ve taught many of my clients to take a similar approach to overcome their fears and self-doubt and begin putting their dreams into action. 

If you spend your whole life waiting to feel “ready,” wondering if you’re good enough, or comparing yourself to other people, you’ll never grow and achieve your big dreams. 

If you let your lack of self-confidence stop you from trying something before you feel ready, you’ll never have the chance to see your own potential or to learn from life. 

One of my clients who I’ve known for years now told me on the day we met that she dreamed of creating an incredible health and wellness retreat for women. She always wanted to do it, but she didn’t feel ready. When we began working together I told her, “Put a date on the calendar!” 

She was terrified, but she did it. As soon as that date was set, suddenly she had no choice but to take action. Soon she had booked a venue and the pieces began coming together. 

It took two years before the retreat took place, but when it did, she was amazed. The women who attended said it was one of the best experiences of their lives. And through creating this experience, my client was able to see her own gifts and potential. As a result, her confidence grew and she saw herself in a new light. 

Sometimes we have to choose courage – to go for these big leaps that help propel us into the next phase or lesson we need from life. 

When I did my first workshop so many years ago, I had a mentor who encouraged me to go for it. For my client, I was the nudge she needed. 

But this support doesn’t always have to come in the form of a coach or mentor. It can be as simple as choosing a date. Or making the first phone call. There are a thousand ways to get yourself out of your comfort zone and into action. 

Just remember, you can’t grow and evolve if you’re sitting around thinking about your dreams. If you want to see the impact you’re capable of making… if you want to discover your own brilliance and transform into the next version of you, it begins with action. 

Where can you push your edges and take a step toward a dream you’ve been putting off out of self-doubt, fear, or lack of confidence? 


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