You’re Not Broken… But There’s Something You’ve Forgotten

Have you ever gotten stuck on the idea that you need to heal or “fix” yourself in order to have the life of your dreams?

Often when people first find personal development or coaching, it’s because there’s an aspect of their lives they want to improve or “fix.” 

It could be an area where they’re struggling to get results, repeating patterns they can’t seem to escape, or simply a sense that something is missing.

Sound familiar?

Through the world of personal growth, they find tools and resources like books, programs, podcasts, and coaches that support them to overcome their challenges. 

With this new support, they begin to see positive shifts in the way they feel, and their lives may start improving dramatically. But sometimes, there’s a sneaky dynamic that slips in amidst all of the positive growth and progress.

Although they may be growing – they’re often doing so to “fix” an underlying feeling that something is wrong with them (or their lives). 

It feels like there is always another problem that needs fixing or solving. They begin seeing themselves through the lens of their blocks, limiting beliefs, and patterns that need to be overcome.

There’s nothing wrong with starting your journey of personal growth from a pain point or an area where you want to grow, but when this starts to define the way you approach your life, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

With all of the focus on the things we want to change and fix, we actually create more friction and resistance to the changes we want. Unconsciously, we perpetuate the exact things we want to escape by putting all of our focus and attention on them. 

As the old saying goes, “What you resist, persists,” and this is just as true as ever when it comes to your journey of personal growth! 

The truth is, coaching and personal development isn’t about fixing yourself. It’s about becoming yourself. 

It’s about becoming more of who you always were deep down – and who you were meant to be. 

In the Aliveness Method®, the first thing we teach our students and coaches is a framework we call the Curiosity Spectrum. It describes how each and every one of us started out as happy babies. 

We enter the world as lit up, bright eyed little beings who are fully alive and curious about the world. Then, over the course of our lives, we have experiences that begin to dim our lights. 

It might be that you were bullied in school, told by a parent or teacher that your desires were unrealistic, or that the “realities” of paying bills and making your way in the world slowly began to chip away at your dreams. 

The more we grow up, the more we’re expected to settle down and take life seriously. And as a result, we lose that spark of joy and curiosity. 

There are countless ways our lights can go out. You might remember specific situations, or it may have happened more gradually. 

This is a natural part of life, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Through our challenging experiences, we gain wisdom and grow into who we are. 

However, if you want to become the best version of yourself, it’s actually less about fixing the things that are wrong with you and more about returning to that lit up, curious, happy baby that still lives deep inside of you. 

The good news is, your lights can come back on in life in many ways…  

For some people, a life-altering experience or event helps them wake up and begin to come alive again. This might be a divorce, losing a loved one, having a spiritual awakening, or experiencing a health crisis. Unfortunately, most of these are not up to you, nor are they paths the majority of people would want to take. 

However, you can also create this shift through education and transformation, which is why we created the Aliveness Method® – that we teach in our Aliveness Mastery® program

This 9-month program is one-part coaching certification, one part business coaching program, and one-part personal transformational journey. It’s designed to help you “birth” the next version of you… the one who has all the wisdom of your life experience, yet is also lit up, alive, and curious like that happy baby you once were.

Wherever you continue your journey of personal growth – we invite you to shift your focus to start paying attention to your aliveness

This is the key to reconnecting to your inner “happy baby,” the person you truly are deep inside.

And when you combine this essence with the wisdom of your life experiences and you’ll discover the version of yourself you were always meant to be. The version of you who will achieve your dreams, make an impact in the world, and live a life you love. 


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